Hey, Mama!


Let’s build you a site that makes connecting with your dream client a breeze.

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I’ve been there…

› wanting to increase income

› needing more clients

› working with sub-par clients

You need:

» clients that will pay what your worth

» ability to connect with these clients

» a website strategy to make it easy

How to get what you need:

1. Schedule a Discovery Call with me.

2. We’ll create a Website Strategy together.

3. I will implement That Strategy for you.

4. Watch the connections with your dream client start rolling in!


Don’t Just Take My Word For It

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“Dana, you are so amazing!!!! OMG, I love working with you.”

– LaKisha Mosley

Ditch the Mom Guilt

Connect with your dream clients so you can:

    • reduce stress & anxiety
    • spend more time with family
    • increase take-home income
    • give your family the life they dream about

Website STRATEGY + a Beautiful Design =

Genuine Connections with YOUR IDEAL Client

My Client Satisfaction Guarantee

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» Your website will produce solid leads that include your ideal client.

» » No more tech-overwhelm! I’ll take care of everything for you.


» » » Multiple maintenance options for after the site is built.


» » » » I know what it takes to build a successful site and I know how to get you there.

Are You Settling?

  • not making genuine connections with your audience
  • working with not-ideal clients to make ends meet
  • not seeing any business growth

Make a change!

Add a strategic website plan to your business and see the results come in.

Take that first step by scheduling a FREE Discovery Call with me today!



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website strategy prep guide

Get my FREE Website Strategy Guide!


Trying to connect with your dream client??


I've been there. 😑


Your website can help you with that! With the right strategy, your site can provide your visitors with that connection and trust they are searching for.


To help you create your website strategy, I created a Website Prep Guide! 🎉💻🤩


My Guide will walk you through the steps necessary to create a solid website strategy that will keep visitors on your site and ready to take that next action! Getting you more genuine leads, sales, and scheduled calls. 


My Guide will walk you through defining your audience, branding, and creating your website structure. 

You're all set! Don't forget to check your spam folder if you're not able to find the email after a few minutes. :)