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Website Options

My specialty is in helping service providers connect with their audiences. This can include:

  • blog creation
  • portfolio

An e-Commerce store is also an option.

I specialize in WordPress and utilize the Divi Theme and Builder. This allows me a wide range of customization and flexibility.

Project Details

In general, each project will follow the steps listed on My Process page.

I will be in regular contact, primarily through email, about the progression of your website throughout the duration of the project.

It’s always exciting to be getting a new website. I understand wanting to be closely involved in the design process. During the actual design step, you will not have access to your developing site. The end result of your design will be beautiful, BUT the process can be messy and confusing for anyone who isn’t actively doing the designing. For this reason, I hold off on giving you access to your new site until it is complete and ready for revisions.


Content that I DO provide:

  • Full Branding and Logo Creation (created in Canva)
  • Website Copy based on the StoryBrand Framework
  • High-quality royalty-free stock photos

Content that I DON’T provide:

  • Illustrator level logos

You can take this website as a baseline for my abilities. I have created the logo and written all the copy on this site.

Communication and Support

Email is the best way to reach me.

I will be in regular contact with you as we progress through your website design with updates.

If you at any time are concerned or have questions you can absolutely reach out to me. I have a strict policy of not working on the weekends, but otherwise, you should hear back from me within 48 hours at the most.

For Support, I will be available to you for the duration of the project and immediately afterward in case something goes awry directly following the launch.

Beyond that, I have a monthly maintenance package available to those I have created websites for.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you ever have a need and we can work something out.


Pricing is done on a project basis. Each website and business is unique, so it’s impossible to go with a one price fits all model.

That being said, I also know that I would want a general number to work with to decide if I want to schedule a call.

So, on average, a 5 page site design has a price tag of about $3,500. I encourage you to reach out to me if cost is a concern. We can communicate over email about your site before you schedule an official Discovery Call and see if moving ahead is feasible.

Lastly, payment for your site is typically over the course of two payments. Half of the total cost will be due prior to starting the project and the second half is due upon project completion. (Monthly payment plans can also be considered.)

What’s Holding You Back?

woman laptop baby girl
  • fear of no return on investment
  • tech overwhelm 
  • maintenance concerns after site is built
  • no idea where to start

    1. My website strategy + traffic to your site = audience engagement → booking clients = return on investment!

    2. I will take care of the entire build! I will also create tutorial videos for any maintenance tasks you want to DIY.

    3. Option 1 – Purchase a Monthly Maintenance Package from or a Teach VA. Option 2 – You can DIY the maintenance of your site with the help of my tutorial videos.

    4. I know what it takes to build a successful site and I know how to get you there.

      Still Not Sure? Email Me Your Questions.


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      Don’t Just Take My Word For It

      Waverly Hanson

      Waverly Hanson

      One of the things that is so helpful in working with Dana is that she is very thorough in planning the details of every project. Her work is very creative and attractive on whatever project she undertakes. 


      Dana understands very quickly what is needed for every project I have given her. She is always extremely pleasant to work with and I really cannot recommend her highly enough.  


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